Joshua’s tips for great camera footage

We all love capturing memories, be they family or personal moments; when we are being crazy or when we having the best time of our lives. Everyone wants to remember that one moment when they completely felt at peace with life and could do anything. As much as we would love to hold these memories in our minds and recall them whenever we would love to look back; sometimes our minds disappoint us and memories fade. One way to ensure that your memories will always be fresh is by capturing them when they are happening in a camera. But capturing the moments is half the work, capturing the moments in a way that every detail is clear is the optimum goal. You want your camera captions to be clear, vivid and memorable.

Not everyone can create that great footage; there is some wizardry that has been passed down the ages from masters to students. The following simple ideas will help you master this art of capturing great footage on your camera.

Light up

There is no point of capturing footage on your camera if you will always have to struggle to remember what you are supposed to be looking at. Dark shots make a depressing view; ensure that every shot you take is lit up to create the best GoPro footage that you can take. But too much of something is never advisable; avoid too much light as it tends to make your footage appear washed out, or creates harsh shadows that ruin the effect of the footage. Rely on natural light for great footage, except at night when it is okay to rely on lights and lamps to create enough light.

Know your Camera

A farmer knows the secrets of his land and his animals; if you plan of capturing great footage you better learn your camera. Know every trick that you camera can do and every feature it has. This helps you to utilize it in making great footage. Knowing your camera also helps when you are taking shoots; you don’t have to overthink which part does what, you just shoot naturally.


Less is not more

When shooting, it is always better to have more footage than you require, especially when compared to the alternative; having less footage than you require. Shooting more than you need ensures that you have a large arsenal to choose from to create an amazing final footage. It is advisable to carry an extra pair of fully charged battery and memory to have extra space for more footage.

Tripod or other gear

I am not trying to say that you drink; but some of us really got the case of the jitters. If your hands cannot be still for two seconds straight; then use a tripod when shooting. Fidgeting is not the most desirable quality when looking for someone to shoot. Using a tripod prevents shaky footage; and better, you don’t have to hold the camera. You can join the fun and appear in your own movies. If you, like many others, like to capture action shots with the famous GoPro camera, consider using a GoPro Gimbal stabilizer, as eliminating shaking and vibrations will vastly improve the quality of your shots. Just take a look below.


As much as we would love to have great footage, it is important to understand that not all shots that we capture will look great; some will need a little touch to get to that stage. This is especially true for underwater shots and snowy landscapes which are either too bright or a little dim. Using filters will help transform the image from an ordinary clip to amazing footage.


Most cameras can operate on auto to capture footage. It is however important that you ensure that your settings are the best choice that will capture the best footage for you. The settings for a brightly lit room are totally different from those of a dimly lit room. Tinker with your settings depending on the footage quality you want; adjust for light, exposure and sharpness if you want to create a great footage.


Truth be told; even you get bored by some of the things you shoot. To have great camera footage, it is important that you edit your footage content and create something amazing. Editing the dull parts and putting your shoots into content will help to create a great production.

Now you know you don’t have to be a wizard to have great camera footage. Just a little touch here and there will work out to help you have the best footage that a camera can create. Good luck creating beautiful memories.